The Oklahoma Package

  • The Oklahoma Package
  • The Oklahoma Package
  • The Oklahoma Package
  • The Oklahoma Package

This is the package for the fans who were there when Red Dirt fanned out in waves across the country and doubled back on itself — those who live for bands named The Divide, Ragweed and Turnpike and who still stand in line for names like Boland and Stoney. This is a pre-order special available only before the book is available in stores worldwide on September 19, 2020. Here is what you get:

• Signed paperback version of Red Dirt.
• A special un-released e-book version of Red Dirt, featuring a bonus chapter loaded with special features which include:
— Editor's Cut: A roundtable of artists' quotes that did not make it into the official book. Read more from Mike McClure, Jason Boland, Stoney LaRue and Travis Linville.
— Interview audio: Behind-the-scenes access to the same sound bite used to tell a story in the book. Oklahoma Package recipients will hear Cody Canada recount his early days in Stillwater and hear his story of the song that has caused him the most conflict. And, listen to American Aquarium frontman BJ Barham as he recounts the two years his band spent on tour with the Turnpike Troubadours
— Extra, full-color photos from the 2018 and 2019 Medicine Stone Music Festivals.
• Plus, the Red Dirt logo sticker, ideal for bumpers or windows.
• The book cover sticker, ideal for mirrors or guitar cases.

Red Dirt tells the story of a roots music scene that grabbed a foothold in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and spread across the country. Red Dirt shares its history and, through the words of the artists, explores the relationships that helped Red Dirt gain acceptance and immense popularity across Texas, which hails a burgeoning original-music scene of its own.

The e-book will be delivered via email to the address on file and will be available in epub, mobi and PDF formats, compatible with all major e-readers and viewable on smartphones and tablets. We aim to send out e-books within 24 hours of ordering.

You may add on a $10 Red Dirt Relief Fund donation to any order by clicking here.

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